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89 sewage treatment plants are expected to be put into trial operation by the end of the year

It is reported that Zigong water environment treatment project in Sichuan Province is progressing smoothly. At present, there are 89 sewage treatment plants in the main urban areas and towns of Zigong. In addition to the two new ones under construction, the original sewage treatment plants will be fully upgraded. It is expected that the trial operation will be realized by the end of this year, and the capacity of the sewage treatment department will reach 310000 tons at the end of this year, which can meet the sewage treatment demand of the whole city.

Zhou Bo, deputy director of Zigong Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, said that through water environment treatment, the poor class V water bodies in the main stream and main tributaries of the Fuxi River will be completely eliminated, and the water quality standard rate of urban centralized drinking water source area will be 100%.

Liu Dong, executive manager of the third company of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau, who is responsible for the construction of Zigong water environment treatment project, evaluated the project's characteristics as "scattered is full of stars, gathered is a fire". The whole project is located in four districts and two counties of Zigong City. It will take at least 10 days for the project to be completed. The daily sewage treatment capacity of the project will reach 310000 tons, benefiting the city's population of 3.2 million.

"Six major projects" reshape the current river

Fuxi River is one of the seven tributaries of Tuojiang River, which has the longest river, the largest drainage area and the largest population along the river. It is the "Mother River" of Zigong, with about three-quarters of the population and 78% of the towns in the basin. Before 2015, the huge amount of domestic and production sewage discharge far exceeded the self purification capacity of the basin, and the amount of clear water entering the river was seriously insufficient. In addition, the comprehensive treatment system of the basin was not perfect. As a result, the protection and treatment measures of the basin were not fully implemented, resulting in the overburdened ecological environment of the basin. In 2017, Zigong set up a comprehensive management headquarters of the Fuxi River Basin, and implemented six major projects of "sewage interception and treatment, water system connection, river construction, ecological water supply, landscape building, culture and tourism industry", firmly winning the battle of improving the water quality of the Fuxi River Basin.

Through a series of combined measures, at present, the comprehensive management of the river basin has achieved phased results. According to the recent monitoring, the national control assessment section of the carbon research institute section of the Fuxi River has been improved from class V to class IV, meeting the assessment objectives of the provincial government; the water quality standard rate of the centralized drinking water sources in cities and counties (districts) has reached 100%; the standard rate of the centralized drinking water sources in villages and towns has been increased to 84%.

Interception and treatment of pollution to make the water cleaner

As the mother river of Zigong, Fuxi River once undertook the task of transporting more than 80% of the well salt out of Zigong. While the "long boats" and "barges" in the river shuttle back and forth, the ecological environment of Fuxi River Basin is also overwhelmed.

Therefore, sewage interception and treatment has become the most important part of the comprehensive treatment of the basin. In August last year, Zigong invested 5.1 billion yuan with six units including China water environment group and China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Corporation to carry out comprehensive water environment treatment.

On August 18, Liu Dong, the project leader of the third company of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., was at the project site of the first sewage treatment plant in the east of Zigong City, Zhanshi village, Weiping Town, Yantan district. "In the hot weather, we staggered the construction in the high temperature at noon, and sent the workers with materials for heatstroke prevention such as Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid, Wang Laoji and watermelon to ensure the construction progress." Liu Dong said.

It is understood that the first sewage plant in the east of Zigong is a fully closed sunken recycling water plant with a design capacity of 50000 tons of sewage per day. It mainly collects and processes the domestic sewage overflowed at the end of the sewage interceptor in Zigong City, the domestic sewage in the eastern new town and Wolong Lake area of the high tech Zone. After treatment, the effluent will reach the discharge standard of mintuojiang River, and after the completion of the project, we will see a "Park" 。

This year, Zigong will continue to deepen the treatment of the main stream and main tributaries of the Fuxi River, carry out sediment cleaning and water environment treatment, build the first sewage plant and the second sewage plant in the east of Zigong City, accelerate the standard upgrading of Zigong sewage treatment plant, Gongjing sewage treatment plant and township sewage plant, ensure the sewage discharge in an all-round way, and eliminate the class V water body of the main stream and tributaries of the Fuxi River.

News source: People's forum Author: Zhao Zhuo